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Sarah Applebee Sånglärare

Sarah Applebee


Sarah is a trained musical artist at Lund's Dance and Music High School and at Kulturama's musical artist training in Stockholm. Since then she has worked as a singer on many different stages around Europe and has also given private singing lessons. She has also put on her own concerts and shows, mainly in Spain. In addition to this, Sarah has extensive experience in choir singing, music production and also plays the piano, and is passionate about teaching these subjects.

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Fanni Pelle


Fanni Pelle is an experienced cellist and cello teacher who looks forward to welcoming those who are eager to dive into playing the cello at Akademiska Musikskolan. Fanni studied at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest and the Academy of Music in Malmö, where she studied with the well-known cellist Andreas Brantelid. In addition to her private lessons, she has gained her teaching experience at a number of schools in southern Sweden and Denmark. She has collaborated with several professional orchestras both in Sweden and Denmark and was a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra in 2023

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Jonathan Dafgård Gitarrlärare
rikard bild.jpeg

Richard Svensson


Rikard is a licensed music teacher trained at the Academy of Music in Malmö with classical guitar as his main instrument. In addition to classical guitar, he also plays electric guitar and likes to visit other genres such as jazz, rock, country, blues and folk music. Before his university studies, Rikard studied music for 3 years under the direction of Helsjön Folk College, where his interests in classical guitar and jazz guitar grew stronger. Some other great interests he has are in the field of singing, everything from solo singing to mixed choir, and also composing and arranging for different settings, both for students' guitar playing but also for his own ditto. As an educator, Rikard is passionate about finding just that which can spark the interests of his various students and build on them.

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Johanna Jacobsson


Professional saxophonist, singer and composer. Educated from Malmö Academy of Music and with several years of experience teaching saxophone, voice, piano and ensemble as well as in primary schools in both Denmark and Sweden. Although Johanna's artistic activity mainly revolves around jazz, she uses several different genres in her teaching

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Lisa Rose

Web manager and admin

Bryan Jones är en pianist och violinist från USA.

Han har en doktorsexamen i piano från Pennsylvania State University. Bryan är aktiv som både kammar- och solomusiker, har han deltagit i masterklasser med pianister som Barbara Nissman och Ann Schein. Förutom klassiskt piano och violin, har han erfarenhet av flera andra genrer inklusive kyrkomusik och musikteater. Bryan brinner för att hjälpa elever att uppnå sin fulla konstnärliga potential.

Bryan Jones Lärare i fiol och piano
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